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Luisa Albert's solo exhibition"

from Thursday 8th February to Tuesday 13th March

Opening on Thursday, 8th February 25th at 6:30 pm

with the presentation of the novel by Umberta Boetti Mussi

"Chiedimi aiuto" published by NEROSUBIANCO editions,

of which the artist has edited the cover.

Luisa Albert, a Turin artist, was a pupil of the painter Ottavio Mazzonis. After the experience at his master's studio, the artist began exhibiting at major Turin and national galleries. The subjects that the artist prefers are still lifes, landscapes and portraits.

The style of the artist is inspired by the suggestions of the artists of the nineteenth century, the paintings have the elegance of the works painted in those years and appear suspended in a timeless dimension where the light, sometimes dim sometimes lit is the absolute protagonist of his paintings , recreating the atmospheres of the interior scenes of the past, suggestions and atmospheres that Albert has learned from his master. The timeless dimension of the works of the Turin artist's works is broken by the drips of color, a device that brings the paintings to the present day by making old pictorial wisdom interact with contemporary painting.

Finally, the artist's efforts are also focused on portraiture, a noble kind of painting, characterized by purchasers that asks the artist to crystallize a moment of his life, in this case the production of Luisa Albert is characterized by the commissioned portraits of important characters of the city and finally focused on the portraiture of domestic animals such as the dog protagonist of the novel "Chiedimi aiuto" by Umberta Boetti Mussi.

Luisa Albert's works are part of important institutional collections such as Palazzo Lascaris, Fondazione CRT and Toro Assicurazioni.