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Fabio Carmignani was born in Pistoia on 12.10.1970. He attended the Institute of Art of Pistoia and graduated in 1990. Since then, he has been participating in major exhibitions in Tuscany and internationally, expressing his interest in a "pure" paintingby reintroducing traditional techniques, through the study of the masters of the past.

Ever since I was little I wanted to be a painter.

I used to experiment the painting techniques , the instruments and colors preparation and used to be bewitched looking at the great masters of the past works, while learning from them. I was born in Pistoia in 1970, there I attended the Istituto d’Arte (Art Institute) Petrocchi , graduated in 1990 and in those years I took the first steps in the world of Art: my first exhibitions and my first comparisons. Later, I started traveling, driven by the need for new research, taking advantage from the study of other cultures. My journey started focusing on the everlasting Myth of the painting art: the way it conveys and passes down its knowledge, necessary for the evolution of the species. It’s a mean for aspiring to a higher dimension, an awareness and research of one’s inner reality medium, a door of the evolution beyond which perfection and harmony will indeed be man’s unavoidable fate. In 1992 begin my exhibit career during which, across the years, took me to show my works in Italy and abroad. My works are now present in important collections, both public and private.
Fabio Carmignani

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