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Alessandra Carloni was born in Rome in 1984. She lives and works in Rome. She attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where she studied painting under Prof. Celestino Ferraresi. In 2008 she graduated in Painting. She also attended La Sapienza University of Rome, where she graduated in Contemporary Art in 2013. From 2009 to 2013 she exhhibited her works throughout Italy, in Rome, Milan, Trieste and Florence. She is also interested in urban art: you can find her murals in various italians towns such as Roma, Milano, Firenze, Sulmona, Savona, Venezia, Rovigo, for which she won prizes and reviews.

“Contrasts dominate both in nature and in the city as well as ona canvas, now chaotic and confused, now contemplative and recomposed, traspires the contrast of colors. This way,nature shows the artists and the artist shows us the primordial forces, the essential values, the insecurity of existence, despite the continuity and spatio-temporal repetition of nature and cities. The representation of natural landscape is integrated with the one of the architecture of the buildings: one is the continuation of the other. Dreams, shadows, emotions, suggestions, spatial conceptions of artist's memories. So the return to nature is still synthesis with thecity and it douesn't represent searation or opposition: synthesis in the creative process itself, through colours signs and images.

Signs of nature and cities that in their lights, colors andin their disturbing or meditative tunes, in an unreal and evocative atmosphere, show a sense of the nature of objects, a sense that goes beyond the original one,showing its essence ”Extract from a review written by G.Tirloni ( Italian curator)

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