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Treviglio 1985. Brought up in Trezzo sull'Adda, land of gloomy Viscontian memories, ambiguous Leonardian backgrounds, nocturnal Manzonian passages, our dark Jacovitti attended for many a year Bergamo's Liceo Artistico ("I failed a few times, I was really bad at everything other than art history"), and then at Brera Academy, where Bernardino Luino disclosed to him the secrets of engraving. In December 2011 he funded in the legendary Ca Laghetto, Milan, the group A.N.S.I.A. (Italian for "anxiety"), together with other "young romantic artists, symbolists, surrealists and expressionists". He lives in London, in the Borough of Hackney. Camillo Langone • Eccellenti Pittori 2014

The feature that immediately reflected the works of Stefano Ronchi is the attention to detail and the miniaturist approach. The technique consists of painting or drawing with a magnifying glass, in order to design every part of the surface. The result are works where the viewer is invited to investigate the scene with a lens, to capture many details that become so many little stories. Develops between Ronchi and the viewer, almost a challenge, the artist will test its technical capabilities, depicting in a few square centimeters, complex scenes, filled with details and the viewer will have to be skilled at finding all the details that the volcanic artist's imagination has produced. Childhood memories and paranoid nightmares reunite with graphite or color on canvas and paper, often through Pareidolia, returning a duel between the freedom of the absurd and the arbitrary nature of rule. The masters who influenced the works of Ronchi are Leonardo, Bosch, Brueghel, Dali, Ernst, in addition to more contemporary Arrivabene and Di Piazza.

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